Refractometer Watercontent 13-25%


Cheap alternative for hobby beekeepers. Measures water content in honey. Scale range 12.0 to 25.0%. Accurarcy of 0,1%. With ATC – automatic temperature compensation – which ensures you the correct reading without having to measure the temperature in the room where you test the honey. Instrument measuring watercontent in Honey. Open the cover-plate and apply several drops of the sample to be tested to the prism surface. Lightly close the coverplate and check that the prism surface is completely covered by the sample and that there are no gaps or bubbles present. If there are, add a further drop of sample to the prism to remove gaps and/or paddle the cover-plate to remove bubbles. Hold the refractometer up to the eye and point it at a source of bright light. Adjust the eyepiece while peering through it so that the scale can be clearly seen. A boundary line will appear in the field of vision, dividing it into two parts; a bright upper and dark lower section will be seen. The point at which this interface intersects the scale indicates the refractive index of the sample. The scale enables readings to 1 decimal places to be taken easily and, with care, a second decimal place can be estimated.

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