Pollentrap plastic


Collect your own pollen with this pollentrap made of plastic.
The trap is placed in front of the flight hole.
When the bees enter the hive the pollen will be brushed off and fall into a tray.
Plastic pollentrap, plastic mesh with round holes and plastictray.


Width 372 mm
Height 90 mm
It does not fit many hive entrances. But if you mount it to the entrances and close the rest of the entrance off, the bees will use the Pollen trap all of the time.

The advandages of the new pollen collector:
Bigger drawer ( more than 2 times bigger )
The landing platform is 2 times bigger
The drawer is better ventilated
The pollen blocker clips vertically ( for the first day so the bees will be able to get used of the new entrance ) .

The old model has so small drawer that beekeepers needed to empty it even 2 times/day ( in areas with a lot of pollen it was full in the day ) .

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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