Candle color (Several options!)


Candle color (Several options!)Candle colors should be mixed with the molten candle mass. The color is applied to a candle mass of 1 kg to 1 g, depending on the desired darkness. Candle colors are through colors. By mixing different colors, you can create new colors. For example, mixing black will give you dark tones. By mixing white, you can make the color tone softer.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
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Black 305933 85 g, Blue 30642 10 g, Blue 30642 85 g, Blue KWC30 10 g, Green 10 g, KWC330, Green Curry 10 g, Green Curry 85 g, Rasberry 30633 10 g, Red 10 g, KWC253, Yellow 85 g


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