Apifonda packing / box


The best supplement to feed bees all year round! Especially for spring feeding. Also suitable for mating nests. In handy ready-made 2.5kg bags.


A pasty whole-year feed especially developed for bees.

1 kg. Apifonda corresponds to the nutritional value of 0.9 kg crystalline sugar (refined).

Apifonda is supplied ready for use. A syrup film is preventing the encrustation of the microfine crystals. This prevents the feed from clumping or forming crusts and it helps the bees to absorb the feed faster. Water should not be added as long as the bees are foraging. 

Extremely suitable for wintering and as a spring “kicksstarter”
Less robbery than when feeding with Apiinvert or sugar water.

Sucrose max. 83%
Dextrose app. 5.5%
Fructose app. 3.0%
Maltose app 2.5%
higher sugar approx. 8.00%

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Quantity (Apifonda)

Box (12kg, 5pcs)


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