Langoitusmuuntaja 36 V

Tehokas muuntaja teräslangan lämmittämiseen. Teräslanka ei kunnolla lämpene 12V akkulaturilla vaan vaatii enemmän potkua. Tässä sitä on.

Electric wax embedder

Embedder for embedding wires. - 1 voltage 36V (adjustable with optional powerregulator)
Due to electrical resistance, the wire will heat up when put under current.
To melt the foundation on to the frame, the crocodile clip only has to touch the nail briefly. Is it not necessary to squeeze it firmly on the nail.
This way the foundation will melt into your wire and quickly settle and remain in it's postition. Easy to use and a great time saver!
1 Voltage: For stainless 0.4 wire (standard).
Power regulator 103720.

It takes only about 3 seconds to melt one foundation into the wire.

Technical data:
230V - 50/60Hz
36V ~60VA

65.00€ sis. alv 24%
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